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Water Heaters

Thermosyphon solar water heater in UAE

In Thermosiphon or Natural circulation, a method of heating is achieved through passive heat exchange, which is based on natural convection. Here water or liquid is circulated without the need for a mechanical pump. This circulation of water can be an open-loop circuit or a vertical closed-loop circuit. Ariston Kairos Thermo can be integrated into every type of building or house. Ariston Kairos Thermo systems come with 5 years of manufacturer warranty for the tank and panels with high efficiency and Hail proof. Ariston Thermosiphon systems have very less maintenance and high durability.

Thermosyphon solar water heater in UAE

Solar Collectors

  • High performance TINOX collector surface (95% absorption)
  • Reduced heat losses.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Advanced Performance.
  • Insert and click” connections between collector and the hydraulic kit.
  • Functional design.
Thermosyphon solar water heater in UAE

Solar Water Tanks

  • Ariston Kairos Thermo tanks are designed for closed circuits and manufactured according to the European standard EN12976.
  • They feature anticorrosive protection using enamel according to DIN 4753-3 with anodic protection according to EN 12438.
  • Can be installed on Ground or flat/pitched roof.
  • Care for details in shape and materials.
  • High efficiency and performance.
Thermosyphon solar water heater in UAE

Kairos Thermo Systems

  • Optimal stratification process to achieve higher performances and faster heating.
  • Each component of the solar water heater (collector, tank & installation kit) is 100% made to last.
  • Every single component and the complete solar water
  • Heaters are carefully and strictly tested on quality, efficiency, and performances
  • New funnel for an easy filling of solar circuit.
  • Can be integrated beautifully
  • into every type of building or house
Electrical Water Heaters in Ras Al Khaimah

Electrical Water Heaters

Electrical water heaters are a popular choice for many households as they offer a convenient and efficient way to heat water for domestic use. These types of water heaters use electricity as their primary source of energy, which means they can be easily installed in any home or apartment that has access to an electrical outlet.

One of the main benefits of using an electrical water heater is the low upfront cost. These types of water heaters are typically less expensive to purchase and install than other types of water heaters, such as gas-powered models. They also do not require a gas line, making them an attractive option for homeowners who do not have access to natural gas.

In addition to the initial cost, electrical water heaters are also a cost-effective choice for homeowners as they tend to have lower operating costs compared to other types of water heaters. This is due in part to the fact that electricity is generally less expensive to use as a fuel source compared to natural gas or propane.

When it comes to maintenance and upkeep, electrical water heaters are relatively low maintenance. They do not require any special ventilation or exhaust systems and do not produce any harmful emissions. However, it is important to regularly flush the tank to remove any sediment that may have accumulated and to replace the heating element every few years to ensure optimal performance.

Ariston electrical water heaters come with ecological polyurethane insulation; Titanium glass lined inner tank tested at 12 bar. The elegant aesthetics is designed in collaboration with Italian designers, an attention to detail that dares to be shown off. Ariston Stab has 5 years manufacturer warranty against tank leakage. Large inspection flange for better and easier maintenance.

  • Titanium glass-lined inner tank tested at 12 bar
  • Oversize magnesium anode
  • 6-bolts flange
  • Pressure safety valve rated at 6 bar
  • Exclusive Italian design
  • Floor Standing