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Force Circulation Solar System

Force Circulation Solar System in Dubai

The Forced Circulation System water heater is generally preferable where a larger solar water heating system is required or where multiple buildings are required to be served.

In a force circulation solar system, the solar collector is typically installed on the roof of a building and the storage tank is located at ground level or far from the solar collectors. Cold water is pumped from the storage tank up to the solar collector, where it is heated by the sun. As the water is heated, it becomes less dense and begins to rise. When the water in the storage tank is used, cold water from the main supply is pumped back up to the solar collector to be heated.

Another advantage of a force circulation solar system is that it can be used in a wide range of climates, as it does not rely on the ambient air temperature to circulate the water. This makes it a good choice for areas with extreme temperatures or for use in buildings with poor insulation.

Overall, a force circulation solar system is a simple and efficient way to harness the power of the sun to heat water for domestic or commercial use. It is a cost-effective and reliable option that can provide significant savings on energy bills over time.

Ariston Kairos comes with high energy efficiency and a long-lasting system, Corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel and Aluminum are used to make Ariston Kairos models. Solar Forced circulation system allows the use of pipes of smaller sizes; it also gives the convenience of installing the radiator below the boiler or at the same level without disrupting the circulation of water. To this, a circulation pump is attached to ensure a continuous flow of water throughout the system.

  • Larger Applications
  • Cost Effective
  • Temperature Control
  • Reduce Power Conception